the demo.

the tokkun academy is releasing several instructional videos from pro artists, including one i did to show some of my color work  method. here's the image on which i recorded the process! be sure to check the other great videos as well!

la tokkun academy produit quelques videos de démonstrations d'artistes pro, dont une que j'ai produite pour le projet. voici l'image que j'ai faite et dont j'ai enregistré le processus! n'oubliez pas de jeter un oeil aux autres videos!

track of the day : disiz - karl lagerflow


  1. Superbe illustration !
    Superbe couleurs !

    J'achèterai probablement le DVD d'ailleurs :)

  2. I can't wait till this is available, I will be downloading this straight away.
    I am really looking forward to it.

  3. tis' ain't available still? damn, I was clicking on your vid like a million times and swearing on the web! I want it right now!!

  4. thanks! should be available soon, just check tokkun's site from time to time.

  5. Super ! Cela sera dispo quand ? Et a quelle prix ? Merci.

  6. C'est disponible sur www.tokkunstudio.com pour 20€ en streaming et dans quelques jours pour 30€ en download. Merci encore Bengal pour ce DVD formidable !!!

  7. This is such a great post, and was thinking much the same myself. Be sure to keep writing more great articles like this one!