the ivy.

didn't even think of doing something particularly halloweeny for this sunday... oh well.

même pas pensé à faire un truc un peu halloween pour ce dimanche... ah, tant pis!

mashup of the day : the mixdown - bangers & talk


the brigade.

one panel covering half the page 17 of my current project, Luminae.

une case couvrant la moitié de la page 17 de Luminae, mon projet en cours.

track of the day : archive - bullets


the half done teasing.

i forgot yet again my tablet at work, so here's a lightly colored doodle for sunday.

j'ai encore laissé ma tablette au taff, donc ce sera juste une colo rapide pour aujourd'hui.

mashup of the day : mochi beats - tipsy boy
(i advise to enjoy the whole set, one of the best mashups ever)



the gorilla artfare.

i'm getting involved with gorilla artfare, this artist community where great art is posted all over the place. to try and get some discipline in my production, i'll try to commit to their "dirty sunday" category.

je me suis engagé chez gorilla artfare, une communauté pleine d'artistes plutôt balaises. afin de m'inculquer un peu de régularité, je vais essayer de faire un de leur "dirty sunday" chaque semaine.


the side project...

... is a secret one for the moment. a short story i'm working on with JD morvan, from which this picture is taken as a teaser (colors won't be those in the end though but the image worked well like that i thought).

... est un petit projet secret sur lequel JD morvan et moi bossons, et dont j'ai extirpé une case pour faire office de teaser (ce ne seront pas les couleurs définitives mais ça rendait bien comme ça, trouvé-je).

track of the day : Jónsi - Hengilás


hey, what?!

just a fast one for today.

un petit sketch du jour.

and it's the return of the track of the day! Lali Puna - rest your head